The Heart's of Hashin Sho!
Volume 2, Chapter 12
Chapter 12 cover
Kana ハートのHashin翔の!
Romaji Hāto no Hashin Shō no!
Translation The Heart's of Hashin Sho!
New Characters None
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The Heart's Hashin Sho! is the twelfth chapter in the Koukou Tekken-den Tough series, and the twelfth chapter in the series.


Kiichi uses one of the Nadashinkage submission techniques, and then uses Ryouzanshuraku, which throws Mitsuhide Kuroda on to the ground slamming his head on concrete. Mitsuhide is able to get up, however, and Kiichi decides to use Shinkyaku, the Hashin sho handed down by his father, effectively stopping his heart. Moriyan then hurry's Kiichi to undo his actions, to which Kiichi panics but is able to begin Mitsuhide's heart again. Kiichi then talks with Mitsuhide, telling him the pain in his heart had disappeared to which he agreed, as well as saying that he will fight Kiichi again. Kiichi then leaves with his friends knowing how well Mitsuhide and Takako are together, although not getting over his love for Takako.


Kiichi Miyazawa vs Mitsuhide Kuroda

Story NotesEdit

  • Kiichi reveals a new technique in the Nadashinkage, Ryouzanshuraku.
  • Kiichi then uses Shinkyaku to stop Mitsuhide's heart, although he comes back.
  • Kiichi's and Mitsuhide's intense struggle ends, with Kiichi being victorious.
  • Kiichi sees the love Mitsuhide and Takako share.
  • Kiichi is not over his love Takako.


Note all characters in bold are new to the story

  1. Mitsuhide Kuroda
  2. Kiichi Miyazawa
  3. Ishige
  4. Moriyan
  5. Takako Kawashima



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