The Most Dangerous of Challenges
Volume 4, Chapter 39
Chapter 39 cover
Translation The Most Dangerous of Challenges
New Characters Barry Smith
Paolo Pasolini
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The Most Dangerous of Challenges
Life and death: Quintessence

The Legend of The Monster is the thirty-ninth chapter in the Koukou tekken-den tough manga, and the thirty-ninth chapter in the series.


Samon is seen taking on Barry Smith, a world champion kick boxer in the Ring of Darkness, where anything goes. It is shown that Barry Smith was persuaded to fight in the Ring of Darkness because of the mob boss named Paolo Pasolini. Samon was able to dislocate Barry's jaw, much to everyone's shock, and used the forbidden technique on him, the hell drop, breaking Barry Smith. Paolo ordered the execution of Samon but Samon was able to take out the armed guards, standing above Paolo after doing such. The video ended, with Kiichi being very shocked at what he had just been shown by Heizo. Kiichi then leaves and thanks Heizo being more excited about taking on Samon more than ever, much to Heizo shock and dismay. Kiichi is then seen training at the usual warehouse. Seiko is then seen buying Benito when he is approached by Samon.


Samon Kiyosama vs Barry Smith

Story NotesEdit

  • Samon's history is seen as he nearly destroyed Barry Smith with the Hell Drop
  • Kiichi becomes excited about fighting Samon more then ever.
  • Seiko is seen being approached by Samon


Note all characters in bold are new to the story

  1. Kiyomasa Samon
  2. Barry Smith
  3. Paolo Pasolini
  4. Kiichi Miyazawa
  5. Onikawa Heizo
  6. Kiichi's Grandfather
  7. Seiko Miyazawa


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